A Volunteer Map of Feral and Free-roaming Cats

Join the hundreds of other users in creating a crowdsourced geographical representation on the numbers and distribution of feral cats in your area.

The Cat Mapper Initiative

Cat Mapper is a Texas A&M University research-funded program that aims to use state-of-the-art geolocation tools to gather and share information about the growing unkown number of unowned stray and feral cats across North America. Impacts of their growing numbers are far-reaching including but not limited to the environment, wildlife, and public health. Cat Mapper seeks to populate a map with cat sightings from crowdsourced public data with details about cat health, numbers, and environmental conditions to provide a ready-made research tool for groups seeking to systematically survey free-roaming cats.


Cat Mapper makes it incredibly easy to log and report feral cats using minimal and intuitive click, tap, and drag controls, making it possible for anyone to participate!


Submit feral cat sightings wherever you are with our official native Android and iOS applications.

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